World War 2 Footage

World War 2 Footage

Original World War 2 Footage of Axis Armor in action and other military vehicles.

Very captivating and rarely seen World War 2 footage of Axis armor, including the famed Tiger and Panther tanks. Other Axis military vehicles, antitank weapons and military campaigns in Europe and Russia are also featured. Very rarely seen, these material are hard to get and some are published during the war itself and in the original German language.

 Video Library

All footage is in .wmv format, so you will need Windows Media Player to play them. To keep the files small, the footage has been highly compressed, but the full DVD version is full screen with good sound and picture quality.

To save the footage, right click on the image and select "Save Target As".

Axis Armor in Action

Panzer I

(1.06MB - 26 seconds)

Panzer II

(857KB - 19 seconds)

Panzer III

(1.15MB - 30 seconds)

Panzer IV

(1.2MB - 30 seconds)

Panzer V Panther

(1.26MB - 30 seconds)

Panzer VI Tiger

(1.15MB - 30 seconds)

Panzer VI B King Tiger

(1.29MB - 34 seconds)
Gripping footage of actual ww2 battle scenes, from the light Panzer I which invaded France in the lighting war (Blitzkrieg), to the mighty King Tigers which defended the Ardennes, this DVD is one of the most captivating I have ever seen on German armor in action. It is however not an in-depth study of any one particular tank, but provides a good and broad coverage of the subject. - Webmaster

Operation Barbarossa

Coming soon. Rarely seen World War 2 footage shot by Axis photographers in the front lines of battle and released in the original German language. See unique footage of the Panzers and Tigers of Nazi Germany which stunned the world with the lighting war across Europe and up to the gates of Moscow.

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