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M-51 Super Sherman Medium Tank

M-51 Super Sherman Medium Tank
Battle Tanks
The IDF (Israeli Defence Force) was the world's largest user of Sherman tanks.

M50 Super Shermans were developed in the 1960s. M50 Super Shermans were used for many years and saw combat on several occasions.

To keep up with improved Soviet tanks supplied to the various Arab armies, Israel fielded the ultimate Sherman tank know as the M51 Super Sherman(I-Sherman).

The M51 was first used operationally in the border conflict with Syria, prior to being used in the subsequent 1967 Six Day War and the 1973 Yom Kippur War, in which it successfully engaged soviet T-55 and T-62 MBTs used by Egypt and Syria.

Following the Six Day War the regular armored units were re-equipped with more modern MBTs-Centurion and M48/60, allowing the M1/M50/M51 series to be transferred to the reserve mechanized brigades and border defence units.

It is known that Chille taken delivery of a number of M51s from Israel. The remainder of the older M51s were then reworked into a variety of specialized versions.

About the Model
  • Accurately reproduced complete exterior detailing.
  • Highly detailed bogey and HVSS suspension.
  • Easy to assembled flexible tracks.
  • Includes three crew figures and various accessories.

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  • Category: US Tanks 1/35 - Academy

    Name: M-51 Super Sherman Medium Tank - AC1373

    Manf/Scale: Academy - 1/35

    MSRP: $33.00
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