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IDF M113 "Zelda" Armored Carrier

IDF M113 "Zelda" Armored Carrier
Battle Tanks
Highly modified to IDF official and often unofficial requirements, the Zelda starts its life as a standard M-113 APC, but soon takes on an identity all its own and sometimes highly personal as befits an armored vehicle carrying a woman's name, Zelda.

The IDF employs thousands of M-113 Zeldas as fighting machines, to transport troops, service the other armored units and be a universal do-all to the army. Just as the exteriors have been heavily modified, the interiors have received well thought-out stowage racks, bins and lockers all designed to keep the contents from rattling around inside the vehicle.

Seating for a squad of troops is standard in Zelda, but many special purpose Zeldas have seen their bench seats removed for additional storage space of supplies or ammunition.

Your Academy kits of Zelda contains many optional parts from which you can assemble any one of several different types such as the spaced-armor version or the command communications vehicle.

About the Model
  • Can be assembled as either an add-on armor or command communications vehicle.
  • Add-on armor system accurately reproduced.
  • Plentiful of accessories..
  • Fully detailed individual injection tracks.

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  • Category: Other Tanks 1/35 - Academy

    Name: IDF M113 "Zelda" Armored Carrier - AC1372

    Manf/Scale: Academy - 1/35

    MSRP: $33.00
    Manufacturers constantly update their prices. The price shown here is indicative only.


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