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World War 2 Armor Sites :-
  • Hetzer - Jadgpanzer 38 - A detailed study of the Jagdpanzer 38 - Hetzer with technical discussions, driving experiences and many photographs.
  • WW2 Armor - Site about WW2 armored and other military vehicles (English/French)
  • Tiger Tank H-E-181 - This site provides a great deal of interior and exterior closeup photos of the Tiger E / H.
  • World War 2 Vehicles - Historical information, photos and technical details on vehicles fielded during World War 2. Organized by country and vehicle type.
  • Arsenal of Dictatorship - An excellent site discussing German WW2 weapons categorized by ground forces, air force, navy and wonder weapons.
  • Die Nahverteidigungswaffe - Provides an excellent description of the Nahverteidigungswaffe (close defense weapon) mounted on the German Panzers.
  • Panzer Ace Michael Wittman - Information on Michael Wittman, World War 2 leading tank ace.
  • WWII AFV Portal - Resource Center for World War II Armored Fighting Vehicles and self-propelled guns.
Tanks in World War 2
Tiger I Information Center!
Panzer Page
The Armor Site!
Military Scale Modelling Sites :-
  • - Tony Matteliano's armor modelling site. A resourceful site for plastic scale modelers.
  • PzKpfw - Tips for military scale modelling.
  • AFV Modelling - 1/76 & 1/72 scale armored fighting vehicle museum.
  • Missing Lynx - Very resourceful site for AFV model making. Also find camouflage details used during WW2.
  • Armortek - Specialists in the provision of 1/6 scale vehicles, figures and accessories for the modeller or war game enthusiast.
  • AFV News - Collection of various resources for WW2 armor site. Also contains scale drawings of WW2 AFVs for modelling enthusiasts.
  • Model Military - Features photographs of military scale models from World War I to the present day.
  • Finescale Modeler Magazine - A very comprehensive modeler's magazine with how-to articles, kit reviews, photo gallery, and other resources about modelling.
  • Miniatures Gallery - Spanish modelling site for all disciplines.
  • Xenon Project RC Tanks - Find 1/24 scale Radio Controlled Tiger, Panther and many other popular tanks.
OnSite DieCast -
Hawker Hobbies
World War 2 Sites :-
  • Pearl Harbor Remembered - Information about the Pearl Harbor visitors center and the Arizona Memorial. Learn about the history, battle maps of the attack, and personal accounts of survivors.
  • Kursk - An indepth study of the Kursk campaign, or operation Zitadelle as codenamed by the Germans.
  • Axis History Factbook - Dedicated to the history of the Third Reich and its allies.
  • - A selection of documents from the captured German War records collection at the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.
  • German U-Boats and History of Battle of the Atlantic - Visit our sister site for German U-boat history, photos, technical information, the crew and indepth history of Battle of the Atlantic.

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