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"Allies Reach the Rhine spring 1945"

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"Allies Reach the Rhine spring 1945" - Will Snyder
I wanted to try doing a "in town" diorama. I had Italerie's LCM-3 kit, a Tamiya Dragon Wagon, and a few other allied equipment. I was surfing the internet one day and saw a picture of a dragon wagon hauling an LCM-3 next to the river where a crane is waiting to unload the boat. A big light came on so I started to lay it out in my mind.
I decided to base my diorama on that picture. Since I already had a Montgomery figure I decided to depict the first LCM-3 arriving to be unloaded. The officer figures I put next to Monty are Lt. General Simpson CG of the 9th US Army, and Commander Whiteside General Bradly's Naval attache over the navy boat crews.
After getting the vehicles built and weathered the first problem arose. And that was tying the LCM-3 down on the lowboy. Being a Pavements troop in the U S Air Force in the mid 70's I had been around enough heavy equipment to have an idea how to lash the brute down. Once that was done I needed a building. So I took some foam board and balsa strips and laid out the Gasthaus. Once the strips were dry I mixed up some "Durhams Water Putty" to finish the walls. The cobblestones are from Plastruct, the water is plexiglass with clear caulking waves.
Having to fight flooded lowlands as well as Mother Nature and the Germans the 21st Army group's vehicles were pretty dirty. I tried to depict where the Dragon wagon sat waiting for the crane to get set.
I won 2011 "Judges Choice Master Division" at the Montana State Fair in Great Falls, MT and "Best of Show" at the Rimrock Plastic Modelers Fall Contest in Billings, Montana

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