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PT109 - Paul Asaban Military Dioramas by Paul Asaban
The completed model inside one of my showcases. Churchill gestures assertively in a poster behind the showcase. Painting 1/72 men proved very challenging, but no more challenging then finding suitable figures in this scale to use as Navy crewmen. Many Australian and British infantry lost arms, legs and heads to come up with the figures seen here.The casting resin used for the water is very tricky, and has to be mixed and poured just right. I had used it twice before, in a C-47 floatplane model and for my OS2U Kingfisher - but in both these models the depth of the water was about 1/2 of that used for PT-109. I would learn to regret having made the water here so deep.Jack Kennedy had decided his ship lacked firepower, and so he shipped a 37mm anti tank gun he had found "lying around" on the island of Tulagi (he "borrowed" it indefinitely), across the channel from Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. I could not find clear pictures of how the gun was fastened to the deck, so I based my model on some fleeting shots from the movie "PT-109". This 1/72 scale 37mm was made completely from scratch. Lt. (jg) John Kennedy and his crew never got to use the gun - on their first patrol with the new weapon, their PT boat was sliced in half while patrolling the Blackett Straights at 2AM on the night of August 2, 1943, by the Japanese destroyer Amagiri. The raft is made of clay, with fabric "tool" to simulate the webbing.

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PT109 (June 15, 2012) - Grant Cox
Fantastic model and diorama! very impressive, keep up the good work.

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