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Dauntless SBD

Dauntless SBD - Paul Asaban Military Dioramas by Paul Asaban
The venerable Dauntless SBD is the subject of my first round diorama. I have always named my aircraft and tanks after a close friend or family. This aircraft is named after my company GM, Trish. Her lucky number is the plane number, and the serial number is her birthday. Her husband Tim is napping under the tree. The groundwork is Celluclay, the tree trunk is cardboard tubing, and the bark is done by ripping up strips of paper towel, dunking them into a solution of water and white glue, and wrapping them in a spiral around the tree. Once dry, the edges of the paper towel are slightly lifted with an exacto knife, giving the effect so often seen on palms in the South Pacific. The branches and leaves are cut from a silk plant.

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