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Somewhere in Saudi

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Somewhere in Saudi

Somewhere in Saudi - Paul Asaban Military Dioramas by Paul Asaban
A Fairchild A-10A of the USAF gets ready "Somewhere in Saudi" for a sortie in the first Gulf War. The kit is a Monogram kit. The revetment walls are cardboard box sides with the first layer stripped to show the ribbing, simulating corrugated metal. The lights are dollhouse lights, and the light housings are 500 lb. bomb halves from an old B-17 kit. The lights on the trailer in the foreground are from an HO light tower, and the trailer is from an Italieri ground equipment kit. The Maverick missiles are scratch built. A 12 volt transformer is installed under the diorama to run the lights. This has always been one of my favorite models, as well as one of my favorite aircraft. Conventional wisdom is that the A-10 is ugly, but I disagree strongly! This plane is absolutely awesome.

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