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The Road to Minsk

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The Road to Minsk

The Road to Minsk - Paul Asaban Military Dioramas by Paul Asaban
The Germans advance into Russia in the summer of 1941. This model features three tanks and a motorcycle, with accompanying infantry. The base is celluclay, colored the typical red of the western Russian landscape (I always strive to correctly research the ground color and texture of the locations I model). The grass in the fields is from a rope macrame plant holder. The rope was unraveled, cut up in different lengths, painted several shades of green and implanted in the wet Celluclay in hundreds of small groups. The yellow flowers, also typical in Russian grass, are sawdust painted yellow. Once the grass was in place, I sprayed dull coat over the field. Before it was dry, I sprinkled the yellow sawdust over the grass, and then recoated with dull coat. Total time for this model was about 400 - 450 hours.

Feedback on my model here

Excellent Diorama (November 29, 2013) - Morgan
Paul your work is absolutely amazing, particularly with the vegetation - it looks as real as... real. Amazing. What scale are you working in? It looks 1/35 or smaller?

Again, excellent.

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