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Sollum Höhe 208 (Sollum Height 208)

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Sollum Höhe 208 (Sollum Height 208)

Sollum Höhe 208 (Sollum Height 208) - Andrew Bloom
My project is a German 88mm Flak 36 artillery piece & Sd.kfz.7 8ton half-track assigned to the I.Flak-Regiment 33 (2 Batterie), Deutches Afrika Korps during the North African Campaign.

The Flak 36 was straight from Tamiya’s new 88mm GunFlak36 ‘North African Campaign” kit #35283 except I borrowed the bogies / transport wheels from their original Flak 36/37 kit #MM-117A. AFV Club and Tamiya provided the brass ammo. AFV also provided additional wicker ammo baskets.
The figures came directly from Tamiya’s North African Campaign kit, except for the radio operator and dogs. The radio operator was another Tamiya kit, except I had to scratch build the antenna based on an image I had from a German WWII Panzers in the Desert reference book. The dogs came from Custom Dioramics USA.

The Sd.Kfz.7 8t Half-track Initial Production was Dagon’s new Smart Kit release that hit the street in October 2009! I had to scratch-built a few items, the bustle rack on the very back to hold the jerry cans and the canvas roof in the stowed position. Even though Eduard’s 8t tool boxes were designed for the Trumpeter kit, with a slight modification, they worked just fine for Dragon’s. Eduard’s 8t engine PE kit provided the engine side panels covers. The rifles, MG34, and MP40 came from Italeri’s Accessories II kit. Since I needed Luftwaffe license plates for my project, I turned to Peddinghaus-decals to provide them. Dragon provided five different German Army plates – no Air Force.
Archer dry transfers provided German helmet insignias, uniform patches, DAK palm trees, German tactical symbols, and Sd.Kfz.7 instrument panels and generic lettering.

Verlinden Productions provided ration boxes, wooded barrels, military provisions, stowage cargo & accessories, bottles, crates, and German food supplies.

The Luftwaffe Anti-Aircraft Badge is a reproduction from Landser Outfitters based in California.

As for the base work; I used CelluClay for the base along with folk-art paint. I most have gone through seven different colors before hitting the right combination to give a desert color. Tamiya provided the sandbags. The stone wall was made from plaster-Paris mixed with added pigments. I spread the plaster over wax paper in a cookie sheet. Once dry, I broke into pieces and stacked to make the wall. A 50-50 water/glue solution was used to set the wall in place. Again, once dry I used folk-art paints again to paint it.

Anyway the project took about eight months – painting figures is still not one of my strong point – but I’m still trying to improve on them. On my images, I used Adobe Photoshop CS2 Curves for color balance.

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