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Jagdpanther - Scott Noble
This is a Tamiya 1:35 scale late model Jagdpanther this cat is wearing it's winter coat still. It was built straight from the box and painted using Tamiya acryllics, oils, mig pigments and instant rust compound. I know my figure painting will never win any prizes but there you go all comments welcome, thanks for looking.

Feedback on my model here

Painting tips (July 30, 2015) - Warwick Lawso
You describe oils, Pigments, rust compound, I'm looking for tips on how to paint WW2 military vehicles, diaromas etc. I'm trying to regain confidence to do this, being 58 young ! Like the weathering, warfare effect on the jadgpanther. Want to get into the painting side big time, really interesting. Thanks for sharing, cheers, Warwick.

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