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Russian Potty Break

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Russian Potty Break

Russian Potty Break - Steve McCarthy More pis from SBS
This is a DML Pz III H, figures are Jaguar, Hornet, Alpine, Carter & Crowley, the fig talking to the tank commander is a modified Warriors. The scene depicts a bathroom break for some panzergrenadiers, on their way to the action around the Smolensk Pocket, in July of 1941. Reference photos show this tank knocked out in battles northeast of Krichev.

Base in celluclay, ground work from lots of different grass products, trees are roots from the garden, muck-filled ditches are resin.

Feedback on my model here

Wow (April 14, 2008) - Patrick Leferink
Hi Steve,
I realy love thisone all of it.
greetings Patrick

Thanks! (April 15, 2008) - Steve M
Thanks, Patrick. I'm glad that you like it, thank you for saying so. I had a lot of fun making it.

Great job! (April 30, 2008) - Cem Sarioglu
Your diorama is wonderful. Can you tell me where you got the Nazi flag from?
and how you painted the faces of the figures?
again, wonderful job!

Thank you, Cem (April 30, 2008) - Steve M
I appreciate your kind words! The Nazi flag (air recognition panel) is a product from Archer Fine Transfers. Transferred it to tin foil, shaped it on the turret bin. My faces / skin tone start with a Vallejo flesh base, then oil paints for tone No real method, just trial and error until it looks right. Thanks again!

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