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M4A3E2 'Jumbo' Sherman Tank

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M4A3E2 'Jumbo' Sherman Tank

M4A3E2 'Jumbo' Sherman Tank - Chris Raatz
This was my first attempt at making an armoured vehicle many years ago.

Feedback on my model here

Answer (April 13, 2008) - Johnathon Courtot
Hi, I am 13 and in the middle of building my first diorama also. One thing I am trying to do, is good weathering. I just finished my Kettenkraftrad. I use real mud the best for the tracks, you just have to spray scenic cement(you can find it at hobby lobby) lightly and the put the mud on. Took me a while to master. I think it works, but after it dries it gets to light colored to look like mud, so I am experimenting on that part.

As for your question, in 1943 the german high command changed the basic color to dark yellow, but the when it got to the front the tank crew would usually put on a camo to match the surroundings. Also the Tiger 1 mid I am pretty sure did serve in the East.

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