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Panther Ausf:G Bavaria 1945 (11 Pz.Div)

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Panther Ausf:G  Bavaria 1945 (11 Pz.Div)

Panther Ausf:G Bavaria 1945 (11 Pz.Div) - Carlos Blanco
This one of my latest works.

DML Panther G 6268 ootb. Hope you enjoy it.

Best regards.

Feedback on my model here

Panther G (December 22, 2007) - Dale Ekart
Your Panther looks great!! Everything hits just right. Subtle weathering, aging. NICE!!
Keep them coming,

Panther tank (July 5, 2008) - Alan Williams
I have just started making Tanks after a 40 year break. This Panther really makes me feel as though the subject is real. An absolutley stunning piece of work and skill by the modeller, makes me feel like I should stop building them right now, Truly wonderful. Something to be really proud of.

Great work (August 8, 2012) - Jesper Lindholm
Great work on this one, you have all my respect!!

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