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GERMAN PAK 35/36 3.7cm GUN SET

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GERMAN PAK 35/36 3.7cm GUN SET

GERMAN PAK 35/36 3.7cm GUN SET - manny ozorio
Hello everyone!
I get a kick looking at the completed pieces of this little gun set made by Tamiya (GERMAN 3.7 cm. PAK 35/36 in 1/35 scale)(The actual cannon is still in the shop being fixed for these guys)
This turned out to be a very pleasurable and inexpensive little project to build. (Around 4 U.S. dollars) This model has been around for a lot of years now, but only until now I was able to get to it, and it was a pleasure to build !! Only thing added was the slings on the guns made of painted foil paper.
Hope you guys enjoy..! HASTA

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