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German Stug III-B

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German Stug III-B

German Stug III-B - Carlos Blanco
This is DML Stug III B 1/35 scale.

Added Aber f.e and painted with acryl, Enamel, and Mig pigments.

Hope you enjoy it!!!!.

Feedback on my model here

WOW (June 13, 2006) - Steven Richards
Wow, that looks amazing. I'm currently making my first model. I was just wondering if you could give me some tips on how to make it looked so weathered like that. Thanks a lot, keep up the awesome work.

MARVELOUS (June 27, 2006) - Patrick Leferink
Splendid job you show here,again Carlos.

Perfecto (November 3, 2006) - emili porta
Hola, Carlos, un trabajo perfecto en todos sus detalles żde que son las cadenas?
Creo que eres de BCN... y me gustaria saber que son los Mig pigments que mencionas en casi todos tus modelos... y donde encontrarlos y ya puestos a pedir si hay informacion en algun sitio de como utilizarlos. Saludos... y me gustaria conocer tu opinion experta de allgun modelo que he posteado en esta misma web saludos

INSPIRING!!! (August 27, 2012) - Ted Ladd
Incredible realism in the depiction of weathering, corrosion, and usage. Looks exactly like many actual photos I have seen from around the world of aged tanks. thanks for posting/sharing.INSPIRING!!

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