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Call Sign Monster

Call Sign Monster - Dave Forier
Scratch-built 1/35th scale PACV - Riverine Hovercraft. Using a variety of left-over parts and strip styrene, and with only a couple of pictures and an old GHQ 1/285th model as a guide, I fashioned this beast. It includes a gun-tub from the Tamiya PBR kit, a prop from the Monogram 1/48th scale B-29, part of an old 1/76th scale V2, and lots and lots of plastic sheet.

The "grass" consists of some straw broom bristles.

Feedback on my model here

Call Sign Monster (October 8, 2012) - james
Wow!!! Nice Job man. And with limited reference material too. You definitely hit a home run on this build!!!!!!!

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