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Achtung!!! Panzer IV Incoming...

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Achtung!!! Panzer IV Incoming...

Achtung!!! Panzer IV Incoming... - David Young
Achtung!!! My battle wearied Panzer IV with spaced armor to protect against anti-tank infantry. Foliage rubbed off from the French bocage and simple camo netting.

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Camo Netting (February 9, 2007) - Handsome Pete the Butcher
The model appears to have great detail and excellent weathering. Any pointers on the camo netting though? I am scratchbuilding a German coastal bunker and am having a hell of a time form-fitting the netting over the top of the bunker, as well as getting the proper sag on it to indicate weight. Any suggestions? Thanks, Pete

camo netting (August 22, 2007) - Jason
what what colors are german camo neting?

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