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king tiger

king tiger - emili

Feedback on my model here

Rough look on sides (February 5, 2007) - Karl
Yes..Im building the KING tiger and wondering how you got the rough edges on the tank ? I want to make it as real as possible like yours.Outstanding job by the way..

zimmerit (September 24, 2008) - nb
the rough edges are zimmeret and you can buy kits with or without is nicely made tiger2

The King tiger with Zimmerit (December 9, 2013) - marc
You dida great job on the Zimmerit and a great job in the tank commander. I'm guessing it's 1/35 scale. I think Zimmerit looks good on larger scale tanks on smaller scales it over shadows the model itself.
In my experience the best effects are created by airbrush and the best effects are the most subtle. I have never sena wash that looked completely correct, to me... but I prefer lightly used not extendable battle damage that's just my preference. In painting less is more. The tendency to over do the paint is great. Try and resist that and give it lots of small touches that will fool the eye.
I built one lightly weathered Monogram M-48 I was quite pleased with. I started with a light flat green over all (your could even start with flat white). Then II fogged on patches of darker green. Very light patches a few a time with no attempt at coverage. The effect wasa mottled green with several shades that blended into each other imperceptibly and looked quite realistic. Several people asked me "how did you paint that?"

This was done with just testers spray cans yet. Ifyou get an airbrush the sky is the limit on the paint effects tout can do... Just practice on white cardboard before doing the real thing. Happy modeling!

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