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Tiger 1 (1/16), Italy, winter 1944

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Tiger 1 (1/16), Italy, winter 1944

Tiger 1 (1/16), Italy, winter 1944 - Olivier Mariette
N°8, "Strolch"(scamp), belongs to the Kompanie Meyer operating near Anzio.
It's the Tamiya 1/16 RC tank, full option.
It's improved with metal tracks, Aber's brass set and scratchbuilding. Painted in acrylics Tamiya, Vallejo and artist oils. The mud you see on the tank is real mud caught after crosscountry.

Feedback on my model here

Nice cat's camo... (February 7, 2005) - David
Nice cat... I especially liked the camo pattern. How did you paint the camo? What was the mixture of paint used and the Tamiya paint codes? Airbrush?

Answer for David (February 11, 2005) - Olivier Mariette
The camo is very simple. I utilized Tamiya red brown (XF 64) and field grey (XF 65) mixed with Tamiya acrylic thinner (X20A). The proportion is 1/3 of paint & 2/3 of thinner. The air's flow is adjusted on 0.5 Bar. The airbrush utilized for painting the cammo is a "HANSA 281", but any good airbrush can suit. For the camo scheme, I tried to follow Komp. Meyer's photos picked on "Tigers in combat 2"(JJF Publi.).

Model (February 14, 2005) - Balangean Ovidiu
Very nice work ! You catch the "Cat" !You got very realistic look, just put this "art work" in background of the forest and here it is :
A live Tiger !
Keep working !

Tiger TANK (March 27, 2005) - william lomasney
I am very impressed with your work. What else can I say ?

Tiger Tank (December 21, 2005) - pete
That is just un &^%believable! Fantastic! You are a true pro.

1/16 Scale (November 28, 2013) - Morgan
I agree with everyone else, terrific job. I think only the 1/16 scale provides the opportunity to achieve the realistic look you've captured. The real mud, which I haven't seen before on a model certainly looks… well, real. Excellent job.

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