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can't we move around this town ?

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can't we move around this town ?

can't we move around this town ? - PATRICK LEFERINK
these troops belong to
grossdeutschland ,and
in their drive through
northern-france they
seem to lost their way.

Feedback on my model here

the bridge (December 15, 2005) - andy sykes
how on earth do you create the cobbled road and the detail of the bridge? is it through your own invention?

respond on subject bridge (December 28, 2005) - PATRICK LEFERINK
Hi Andy,
Well the cobbled road was made from the readymade cobblestone-parts
of VL-productions,then copied it a couple of times with tyle-cement
and brought it on the bridge.Uhh,what detail do you mean excactly?

Greatings Patrick

the bridge (January 7, 2006) - Ronald van Wijk
Now, THIS is stunning!!! Please explain how you did this job? I've been trying this for years, but i've never came so close as you do .. How did you do all this building??

Respond on Ronald van Wijks question. (January 9, 2006) - Patrick Leferink
Hi Ronald,
Thanks for the positiv critics.All off the diorama is made of
polystirene(that blue hard type which we use in constructing),
i shaped it with knives and the Dremel tool, you only have to
protect the underwaterparts(inexample tyle-cement) because it
will melt when you poor in the "water".
Well that's it,oh when i said: "all of the diorama",i meant of
course the base and the bricks of the canel and bridge and not
the models ,tree or cobllestones but i think you already knew that.
I hope I told you enough and good luck with your next diorama.
Bye Patrick

Respond (January 11, 2006) - Ronald van Wijk
Thanx! At least I know where to start right now!! Your building did gave me a lot of inspiration! I'm really glad that my weekend is near.... Keep up the good work!

Fantastic Bridge dio! (March 17, 2006) - Mike Littrell
A truly inspiring model [and] theme...a perfect recipe
for a great dio!

Did you say that you made the entire bridge
from scratch? If so, all I can say is, "Wow"!

Again, well done.


Can't We Move - WOW (October 3, 2006) - Jason
I have been modeling for years, and have to say this is probably my favorite ever. My best friend did a castle one time that I loved, but this is just outstanding for a WWII buff. Thanks for the inspiration for my next model Dio.

this is amazing (March 2, 2007) - Attila
this is very nice
im 14 and just started modeling about a year ago
your model looks perfect
it looks like metal....the gun, and i like the faces ...very hard so good work
and the realistikness the "grossdeutschland" lol i love it
:) best wishes for your next model

QI (July 27, 2007) - Mark Robinson
It certainly looks magnificent from a birds eye view - clearly you are a top diorama builder - and the waterline around the floating objects! And your vehicles are subtly and convincingly rendered. However it's clear you're no figure painter. The clothes are too sharply exaggerated in their highlights - I know contrast is important in a diorama otherwise a figure would lose its effect, but this is too much - try using thick layers of enamel with three or four areas of light or dark contrast to create a wool like appearance or even denim (for reed green panzer material). Faces are a somewhat crude too, especially the eyes - not so wide-eyed and also a tiny dab of highlight just above the cheekbone helps to emphasise the eyes without exaggerating the face to comical effect.

Great Diorama (February 29, 2008) - Johnathon
I Sir I am 13 and just got started, I would have to say you are very good, just to give a tip, I use a sowing needle for the eyes and it works perfectly, you just have to trim the edges with the flesh color afterwards. But a great job on the vehicle and gun and the river.

Cant we move (March 4, 2008) - Glen
It's perfect ! Don't worry about changing a thing,well done!

figures (April 30, 2008) - cem s
Mr. Patrick
I think I should stop with all the comments...
But your work really catches my attention..
PLEASE can tell me how you painted the figures?

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