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StuH42 - Luc Klinkers Military Models In Scale
This is a less known variant of the Sturmgeschuetz. In fact it is the same vehicle but armed with the massive 105 mm howitzer. This one is based on a G version. The model is the latest Tamiya release of the Sturmgeschuetz III G. The kit has the option included for the howitzer version. I built the kit straight from the box with minor detailing, such as the stowage on the engine deck. The zimmerit coating is made with epoxy putty. I applied a thin layer and pressed in the waffle pattern with a home-made template. The vehicle is finished in Tamiya acrylics. I used Stencillit photoetched templates to make the verhicle numbers and crosses. The crew is from the Warriors range. The guy with the tropical uniform is a Verlinden item.

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backround (January 28, 2006) - Derek
awesome job!
i have a question though. how do you build the backround (or where do you buy it)? the trees are especially fascinating to me.

i am currently working on my 2nd model so could you please send me some tips.

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