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Jagdpanzer IV Ausf. F (Early)

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Jagdpanzer IV Ausf. F (Early)

Jagdpanzer IV Ausf. F (Early) - JosÚ Brito
Jagdpanzer IV Ausf. F early from Revell OOB and figures from Dragon also OOB.

Feedback on my model here

Great job! (August 7, 2005) - Anthony Stobbart
Great job on your Jagdpanzer, your figs are extremely well done - Congrats! Your weathering is also very good.

Genial (November 1, 2005) - Carlos B.
Felicidades JosÚ. Una distribucion de los elementos perfecta.
Ademas, me has dado una idea, gracias.
Para el hay palabras. Genial.

Congratulations JosÚ. The distrubition of the elemments are perfect.
You gived me an idea.
About the Jagdpanzer...there┤s no words. Fantastic.

Nice diorama (February 17, 2006) - Salieri
Your tank look very good, figures too. Not big diorama- great idea!

Don't get it (January 21, 2007) - Jeff
very nice diorama, but i the jagdpanzer is a german tank, so what is it doing with allied soldiers?

plz answer


Jeff (July 8, 2007) - Martin
Jeff! I believe that this Jagdpanzer is abandoned by it┤s crew for some reasons.
JosÚ! Great work! Nice to see a dio with some elevation in it! Like master Carlos says, it gives me new ideas!


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