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Achtung !! Feind im Vorfeld!! / Be quiet !! Krauts

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Achtung !! Feind im Vorfeld!! / Be quiet !! Krauts

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Achtung !! Feind im Vorfeld!! / Be quiet !! Krauts - Patrick Leferink
The diorama tells about some germans from the Panzer Lehr division who spotted some enemy movement on the other side of a field somewhere in Normandy after the landings on june 6th 1944.
What they didn't see is that there are already
some gi's from 29th infantry division hiding under
their nose,although they look suprised to about the situation they are in.

1944 "rearguard action" June 14, 2015 - Warwick Lawson
Shows the tension as they ready for an Allied intrusion anytime soon

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