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Battle of the Bulge - Dave Glover
My first attempt at a Diorama using Tamiya models and figures. The building ruins where made from my own polyfilla moulds and then brickwork was etched into the walls. The rest is just bits and bobs from around the house.
I am trying to depict Germans having a regroup and discussing the next attack.
Hope you like and any feedback would be welcome.

Figures July 12, 2012 - Alexander Anderson
This is a nice first effort, some study of photographs will help you with your figures, my only criticism here is that your troops look suspiciously "clean" for a combat unit. Uniforms in winter will show some dirt and mud. Also someone in the group would normally have at least a minor wound. lots of fire would have been exchanged between these guys and the allied troops!!

Figures September 19, 2012 - Dave Glover
Thanks Alexander for your comments and feedback, on this model and other models I have on here. I have been trying to find a model you have constructed so I can see how you have weathered your figures, but I cant see any of your work on here? It would be nice to see your work so I can understand your views and comments a bit better.

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