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One Last Look - Paul Asaban
An OS2U Kingfisher floatplane. Struck by enemy fire in the engine compartment and wing, this venerable aircraft was brought to safety by its crew on some remote Pacific island. In this model, the resin water was mixed just right, resulting in a realistic pattern of lazy waves coming ashore at this lagoon. The plane is named after my wonderful neighbor Beth - she is as dependable as this sturdy floatplane and will always get you home safely. The rock formations ashore are actually large landscaping wood chips found in any gardening dept. of your local Home Depot or Wal-Mart. The depth of the water is simulated by painting the Celluclay prior to the resin layers; deep water is dark blue, shallowing to lighter blue, and then blue-green to clear. Add tufts of grass for a floating algae effect as the layers of resin are poured.

I like your work one last look May 3, 2013 - Steven lin
Dear Paul

I love this model very much. Can you contact me? Thanks


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