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Krupp prose truck and 37mm gun

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Krupp prose truck and 37mm gun

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Krupp prose truck and 37mm gun - Scott Noble
This is a 1:35 scale tamiya kit that has been built straight from the box, using tamiya acrylic paint, instant rust, mig pigments and tamiya weathering pack. All comments welcome and i hope you enjoy it.

1/35 Scale November 29, 2013 - Morgan
Hi Scott, I built my first model of a Panther tank in about 1960 - after a 53 year break I recently built a 1/25 Tiger I, a 1/25 jagdpanther, a 1/24 Stuka and a 1/16 Tiger II. It looks like you do nice work, but you can't do it on a scale any smaller than a 1/25. Your 1/35 men, though very nicely painted, look like zombies or something. I don't understand why people build models any smaller than a 1/25.

Just my opinion.

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