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Operation Lüttich - Gelson Jorge Emerim
In this dio I've tried to depict a german counter-attack in the Normandy Campaign. Elements of 116 Panzer Division are on their way to the front. A Jagdpanzer IV and a Kübelwagen (Tamiya kits), figures (from many sources) and home-made plaster buildings are the elements of this story.
I hope you like it.

Thanks a lot.

WOW !!! April 3, 2008 - Patrick Leferink
This is a very goodlooking dio,you must have done
this before.
I hope you send in more dio's like thisone.
Greetings Patrick

VERY GOOD!!! April 3, 2008 - Johnathon Courtot
This is a great diorama. I am 13 and learning. Do you have any tips on weathering. I went to the IPMS last year here in IN. and this is better then some of the ones there. GREAT JOB, johnathon

Operation Lüttich April 3, 2008 - Gelson Jorge Emerim
Thank you, Patrick and Johnathon. I will post some more dios as soon as possible (I'm not sure how much is allowed).
Thanks again for your positive comments.


Operation Luttich July 24, 2008 - Chuck Rose
Excellent job. Looks like you spent many hours with outstanding results.

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