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This diorama depicts the debut of the “Nashorn” in the Battle of Kursk in 1943. It is a powerful anti-tank weapon packing the dreaded Pak 43/1 L/71 better known as the “88-mm”. It has a crew of 4 to 5. On the way to Orel, the vehicle was met by cavalry troops belonging to the Florian Geyer Division to provide them with a briefing. Also in the area are a couple of panzer grenadiers from the Grossdeutschland Panzer Division.

The diorama was built on a 11" x 9" wooden base in 1/35 scale. The vehicle is a Dragon DML 1/35 scale Nashorn Sdkfz. 164. The crew of the vehicle are all Mini Art models (slightly modified), the cavalrymen came from Dragon DML , while the German troops are from Master Box. Weathering was done using artist’s oil, enamel and acrylic paste. The structures and foliage were all scratch-built.

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