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Panzer IV Ausf.E Deutches Africa Korps

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Panzer IV Ausf.E Deutches Africa Korps

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Panzer IV Ausf.E Deutches Africa Korps - Carlos Blanco
DML 1/35 Panzer IV Ausf.E (3 in 1), out of the box.
Weathered with Mig pigments and Oil paints.
Hope you enjoy it!!

painting tracks July 13, 2006 - rovik obanil
great job! i've just started painting on the first model i assembled (a panzer IV). i hope one day i can do as good a job as you did. i like the overall paint job but i am especially interested in the tracks. how did you do yours? what brand and what colors did you use? all i can buy from the nearest hobby shop are tamiya paints. think i can replicate the same effect using those?

i'd appreciate if you can email me some tips. thanks very much.

Hi Rovik!!! July 13, 2006 - Carlos Blanco
Nice to meet you Rovik.
Yes, you can do it with Tamiya paints. First colour will be Red Brown, and when dry, apply a filter with orange mixed with black.
If you can get some Mig pigments, it will be much better. If you can, use Standar Rust colour (MIg pigments), for give some rust details to the tracks.
Of course thanks a lot for your comments Rovik, and anything you need, mail me ( It will be great to help you.

Greetings from Barcelona.


Teriffic job,again !!! November 4, 2006 - Patrick Leferink
Hi Carlos,
You did it again,the Pz IV you did looks beautyful,exactly how
I would make it,.....if I could.
I hope you sent in some more,I realy enjoy them.

Greetings Patrick

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