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Carentan-44 - Carlos Blanco
Hi friends!!!.

This is my last work, a little diorama in 1/35 scale.
Ive used tow Alpine fugs, and old Custom Dioramics ref, some Plus Model acc, and a lot of Scratch build.

Hope you enjoy it!!!

Best regards.

Carlos Blanco

excuse me... December 6, 2006 - Carlos Blanco
I wanted to write "TWO ALPINE FIGS".



Muy bien, Carlos December 8, 2006 - Patrick Leferink
Hola Carlos,
What a nice diorama you built here.It all looks very good and
detailed whitch I always appreceate.(Good idea with those milkcanns.)
Greetings Patrick

Carentan 44 January 26, 2007 - Steve
Hey Carlos. that is a fantastic diorama!
Can you tell me what the name of the building you used is? I'd like to get one.

Thanks guys!!! January 27, 2007 - Carlos Blanco
Thanks for your words. (Patrick and Steve)
Happy if you like it!!!.

Steve. The build its a Custom Dioramics (Ref number: CD.0102) Commercial ruin.

Hope you find it!!!

best regards.

Carlos (

very nice job....again March 2, 2007 - Attila
very very nice.....
i always wanted to make buildings
im only 14 and ahhh
u made the building from scratch ? what meterials did u use
for like the floor ? and the bath...stuff very nice

Very noice October 3, 2007 - Samuel
for a second there i thought it was built from scratch haha! i was in pure amazement, but i still am really, amazing job! love the paratroopers!

unfortunately i cant find the same diorama! such a shame it looks amazing!

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