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Coldweatherfront '43-'44

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Coldweatherfront  '43-'44

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Coldweatherfront '43-'44 - Patrick Leferink
This diorama is telling about an artillery
unit somewhere in Russia during WWII.
The Wespe is about to bring out fire and waits
on commands from the CO standing in his Kübel-
wagen.Meanwhile the area is guarded by reserve-
units against Partisans who operatet olmost
everywhere behind the frontlines in cold

I got a ? March 26, 2008 - John
This is a great diorama!! I am 13 and I am in the middle of building my first. what is the best way to get snow. And to get the tracks on the ground. plese e-mail me back. THANKS, John

Regarding personnel! July 26, 2008 - Chuck Rose
Outstanding Diorama. I haven't seen any better. Most people fail to go into detail on the personnel. They prefer to concentrait on the vehicles. I am glad to see you did both. Great Job!

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