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Take cover !!!

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Take cover !!!

Feedback on My Model

Take cover !!! - Patrick Leferink
The diorama is telling about soma German paras
who have to break the last resistance in the
just bombed city of Rotterdam may 14. 1940 .
For that goal they use a Pz II c which linked
up with them a day before.The German highcommand
thought that it would take one day for the
panzertroops against an army witch used at some
places on the front weapons from the 19th century.Nevertheless the Dutch army held them up
for 4 days and shot down 1/3!! of the planes
used for the airbornetroops mostly of course
with anti-aircraft artillery.
The model I scratch-built from a Pz II F from
Tamiya into a C-model witch was used in those
first days of the western front.
The paras are from Dragon and the ruins are
from an Ukrainian firm called Mini-Art.
I hope you all enjoy it.
Greetings Patrick

Feedback on dio April 11, 2008 - Steve M
Fantastic rubble, scene tells a great, action-packed story. I love and appreciate the work involved with this dio. More pics, pls!

Thanks Steve April 12, 2008 - Patrick Leferink
Hi Steve,
Thanks for your comments and I would like to add more pictures
on this page but I don't know how,do you perhaps?
Greetings Patrick

Submitting more pix April 12, 2008 - Steve M
Me? I just joined yesterday lol! But, I really admire the detail of the destroyed buildings. It's my favorite part of dio making.

the debry April 30, 2008 - cem sarioglu
the debry must of tooken weeks to build!!!
I really admire your work:)
so are those ready bricks and did you glue every single one of them?

The debris May 3, 2008 - Patrick Leferink
Hi Cem,
First thanks for your reaction. About the debris,I think the most dificult part is to lay it down on the base as natural as posible.
Most of the bricks I cut out of Polystyrene the (blue sort builders use for isolating buildings.)The rest I made from the Tamiya and Italeri bricksets.
Ofcourse the debris is underfilled with plaster then fine sand and then I pushed the bricks into the wet plaster/sandhill until it was
completely filled with bricks,windowparts,broken toilets and all kinds of things you can think of.After that I gave it all a black basecolor and started to give all things their usual colors,lighned it all up and finished with a layer of European brickdust (Mig).
And this all took me about a week.
I hope I gave you enough information,so have fun.

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