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Dragon's Kingtiger Late Production Ardennes 1944,

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Dragon's Kingtiger Late Production Ardennes 1944,

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Dragon's Kingtiger Late Production Ardennes 1944, - Anthony Stobbart
This is Dragon's Kingtiger Late Production Ardennes 1944, kit# 6232. I also use Lion Roars Photo etch set (#35035) This kit had great fit and is highly recommended.

BTW: The pic's seem glossy but are not.

Thanks for looking, feel free to comment.

Looks good August 16, 2005 - James Crichton
hey man, love the build! This kit looks familiar, did you post the pics on the FSM forum? The figs look great man. Only one recommendation from me, put some figs in the turret with the open hatches! Looks like a ghost is running the tank! Good stuff none the less, I really like the Ambush camo

Yes August 17, 2005 - Anthony Stobbart
Yes, I did post it on FSM.

Thanks, Anthony.

Tips November 9, 2006 - Chad
Anthony, I just purchased this model and will be my first attempt at a higher-end model. Do you have any suggestions for building and or painting?
By the way, I can only hope mine turns out half as well as your build!

RE: Tips November 9, 2006 - Anthony
Hi Chad, thanks for the comments.

As for tips, I can offer none, this kit builds extreamly well and smooth, all I can say is to take your time.

Good Luck!

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