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Battle of the Bulge Sherman - james Crichton
Well here is the new DML Battle of the Bulge Sherman. I built it straight out of the box. This is LT.Col. Creighton Abrams command tank. I used Verlinden snow (Microballoons). IT was a great build for my first allied piece. I built it in a week and used a base that I did for another kit, but never finished! Enjoy... comments are definately welcome!

t-34 May 25, 2005 - patrick fauver
Nice T-34. I respectfully submit that your Iron Crosses are too small. The Wermacht traditionally put very large crosses on the tanks they captured and reworked the paint scheme to a more "german style." I was unaware that the Germans liked to use armor as transport like the Russians. I was of the conviction that they had good protective transportation for their Grenadiers. This T-34 probably had "behind the lines" uses to quell insurgents and the like. It may have been unwise for the Germans to use captured equipment in front line ops- mistaken identity... Obviously this cannot be said for the Czech Panzer 37 at the onset of the war... Fauver

Thanks for thee details May 25, 2005 - James Crichton
Well thanks for the interesting ideas. However, according to many Panzer Grenadiers that I have spoken to (I met one in a coffee shop) They did hop onto the backs of their tanks instead of walking the many miles in Russia. As you might know, Operation Barbarossa was a flop, this was because the supplies and the troop tansports couldn't quite get out of the mud fast enough to keep up with their tanks (according to the vet I talked with). They rode on the tanks to the front lines, of course not during combat. The basic idea for this tank was to have it riding by some field commanders looking over their orders. However I haven't found a decent sized base for it yet, and I haven't finished painting those figs yet either. The picture doesn't show the guy sticking out of the front hatch and waiving at the people. Another thing about the crosses... They varied in size immensely, and the top hatch would have a Swastika painted on it. The tank I was designing it after had one painted on, as did this one, but due to an ignorant roomate at school who decided the swastika was pure evil and ripping it off of my tank, I had to use the Panzer III cupola instead. The picture of the tank does indeed have a huge cross on the front, but not on the sides of the turret and these crosses are to scale with the picture. I will submit the picture once I find it again! I don't have a pic of the front of my tank to show what I mean.. until then! thanks again!

tough guy March 7, 2006 - James
sucks eh tough guy? let's see your garbage....

tanks March 10, 2006 - fauver
You know your stuff. You've done your research. So what is the best tank of the war- all around? I think the Panther is #1. Especially the later versions... I am a former teacher. I had my kids build a King Tiger. I like it, but too late and too technical. Plus- too big and slow. Good gun though and good protection. I like the Tiger One too. I think #2 is the T-34/85. Next has to be the Sherman- the British Firefly anyway. I would like your opinion on the list.

Lt.Col. Abrams Sherman April 4, 2006 - Steve Puderbaugh
I enjoyed your pictures. Nice job with the weathering. The snow appears realistic too. The travel lock really looks as if it's been used.

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