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Marder IIIM - Dale Ekart
Tamiya kit pretty much from the box. The camo pattern was done with an Iwata airbrush freehand. the weathering was also done freehand with brush techniques.
I've never really recieved any feedback from pro modeler's on my work and wanted to know what the overall opinion would be.

Marder IIIM Update December 30, 2005 - Dale
Sorry about the size of these photo's. As soon as I can get the password sent to me I'm going to re-size them.

It´s OK March 31, 2006 - Carlos Blanco (Von Voll Damm)
It´s ok Dale. You´ve done a good work with your Marder. Why don´t you try to give a little bit of oil paints to the spare tracks, just to give it more volume?. Had you tryed the Mig Pigments??, they´re a good solution for the dust effects.
Good work Dale, Sincerely.
If you want to receive feedbacks about your models, try to post your pictures of them in this web: ( taller section). the link is this one:
There you´ll receive a lot of feedbacks of your works from pro modellers, that can help you in anything you´ll need for your works. I´ll will be there too.
I hope you enjoy it, and we will waiting for you and your models.

Greetings from Barcelona, Dale.

Carlos Blanco (Von Voll Damm).

Carlos Blanco March 31, 2006 - Dale
Thank you Carlos for the advice on the Marder. I've never tried the Mig pigments, usually I use artists pastel's and shave them into powder. The oil paint's for volume is something I hadn't even considered, my current project is a T34/76 so I will try some oils on that. Thank you again for both the advice and feedback, I'll try to find you on the site you mentioned above.

Marder January 6, 2007 - Gerald W. Kaman
Nice, very nice. Three points I'd try to improve; the model is a bit dusty yet the paintjob is factory-fresh. Try chipping the model. Second, a detail, the exaust-pipe. Rust! The spare tracks are covererd with it, so why not the pipe? Third and last; the rubber on the wheels. Ig pigments work miracles.

Good luck!

tank August 9, 2007 - billy
hey I think the tank looks great but put abit more weathering on it and some more detail

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