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help him . germany march '45

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help him .     germany march '45

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help him . germany march '45 - PATRICK LEFERINK
this is the initial type hummel
from dml.
i built it strait from the box.
the story tells about some crew-
members of a hummel who are not
very fanatic in helping their
mate,probably because of the end of the war
is coming closer,so their corporal
calls them to duty to help the one
who seems to be doing his job well.

artillery rounds November 18, 2005 - A.J. Toma
I was a crewman on an M-109 in the U.S. Army, and I don't think you can stack ammunition like they have theirs stacked in the diorama. I could be wrong though.

respond on subject artillry rounds November 21, 2005 - PATRICK LEFERINK
thanks for your reaction.
like you ,iwas a crewmember of a M-109 ,even better , i was
a commander on one of them in the dutch 41st armoured infantery
brigade in germany (seedorf).
So about the rounds you are wright, but it's telling about the
last months of the 2ww when everything chaotic ,even the stacking
off the rounds.

very nice March 2, 2007 - Attila
wow that is awesome
love your paint .....very nice and very detailed
the crew look good to and, and the terain nice posters on the fence

help him March 4, 2008 - Glen
Very good colors,captures the mood well.

Patrick's dioramas October 14, 2008 - Mark Freeland
Both of your dioramas, this one, and especially the bridge show awesome modeling skill applied to thought provoking and insightful topics. How long have you been modeling? Mark, Florida, USA

Beautiful Hummel January 23, 2013 - Dean Allison
Fabulous job on both the Hummel and the diorama overall. I would be interested in purchasing the Hummel from you, without the diorama or any other accessories except the two crewmen in the vehicle, if you were minded to sell it and wanted to use the diorama with another model. If interested, please e-mail me at: Thanks very much, and great job!

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