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Steel Goliath - Russian KVII

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Steel Goliath - Russian KVII - Roy Wells
Set within the sub-zero temperatures of Russia in late 1941, an abandoned KVII heavy tank has aroused the curiosity of two German soldiers attached to a mobile reconnaissance unit. The discovery of the Soviet KVII came as an unpleasant surprise to the invading German forces in June of 1941, the Panzer II`s and III`s which constituted the backbone of German armour at the time being incapable of penetrating the thick shells of these monsters. However, due to the colossal weight of the KVII (52 tons), manoeuvrability in the field proved to be a major problem. Adding to the tanks deficiencies was the fact that the enormous, box-like turret housing the formidable 152 mm M-10 howitzer took such a large amount of time to traverse that ample time was granted for the speedy German panzers to move into close quarters for the kill or for tank killer squads to creep up and plant mines on the tracks. It is nevertheless a proven fact that very few KVII`s were actually destroyed by enemy fire, the majority either succumbing to engine failure, lack of fuel or simply becoming hopelessly bogged down in soft terrain.

steel goliath May 15, 2005 - bill

Good depiction May 16, 2005 - Christopher Myers
I love the way you depicted the recon. This appears that you have done your work.
I have been building Diaromas for thirty years and you are one of the finest model diaroma builders I have observed.
Thank-you Chris

russian armor May 25, 2005 - patrick fauver
Nice job on the Russian heavy tank. I did not realize that Soviet paint schemes involved winter white on armor. My research indicates mostly olive drab or green in solid tones. Also, is that the actual barrel length of the 152 mm gun? Seems to be of low calibre... Are you aware of any large scale armor battles in Operation Barbarrosa? Really nice job.

kvII September 13, 2005 - George Baum
Very well done! Excellent job on your figures and great detail through the whole diorama. Very natural and highly realistic. My compliments!

Howed you do that? October 24, 2005 - Elmer
Hey nice Background and all the terrain stuff. i tell you im a first time modeller. no kidding but i sure want to learn some techniques.
nice tank too i like the color and all of it.

Love the model! May 16, 2006 - Jake
This is my favourite model/scene on this site. I am just starting to make models, and I only hope that I will become this skilled one day.
The diaroma is simple yet very effective...Great work!

pinwash April 30, 2008 - cem sarioglu
how did you make the tank's bolts like rusted...
I mean how did you make the bolts look like that

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