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Marder III - Maxime Levesque

marder 3 photos wanted for book October 24, 2004 - stuart
hi there i just found yur photos of your model im putting to gathere a book on the marder 3 and just wonder if i could use your photos for the book thank you

i have downloadid them November 22, 2004 - stuart
i have doaloadid your photos for some reson i couldnt email you though the normaly way

Fine diorama June 5, 2005 - dave
Really nice work, backgrounds are sweet. Two opportunities for improvement: if they're ready to fire they'd have the transport cradle down & the tree's taper needs to be bigger near the ground, it may be an artifact of the photo angle though. Your perimeter of backgrounds makes the whole thing go to the next level.

tank August 30, 2005 - Mark
Nice work. You already got the best compliment your gonna get, when that guy wanted to use the pics for a book. I dont think I can top that. Totally cool ......

one point missed October 21, 2005 - bruce
The Nazi flat should be stained with mud instead of looking so new.
Anyway, the is a great work.

wow good job :) !!! March 2, 2007 - Attila
very nice job man
im 14 and trying the learn how to do good models
looks nice bet differend it is 1/35 yes ?
and the terain looks a little ..... fake
but very nice
may i ask wher u got the flag from ? thx

Re: wow good job :) !!! March 5, 2007 - Maxime Lévesque
Thank you all for your nice comments and suggestions for improvement. I will take them into consideration for my next scale model. As for the nazi flag, it was made with epoxy putty and hand painted. And yes, it's 1/35.

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