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SdKFZ 141 - Panzer III Ausf M

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SdKFZ 141 - Panzer III Ausf M

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SdKFZ 141 - Panzer III Ausf M - Andreas Nossmann

paint job August 17, 2005 - Chris
Fantastic model- v similar to a Panzer 3 in a Russian Summer I did, what is the secret for the paint job? Considering using acrylics for my next Tiger- any suggestions?

PzIIIausf M September 29, 2005 - Luis de Ros
Congratulations! it is a real beauty.

PZ III November 3, 2005 - Murat
Dear Andreas, details and paintings of the model and figures are perfect.. Really Great works..

Paint November 7, 2005 - Mister 21
Nice paint job, I don't see much acrylics except on the the soldier, everything else look like its air brushed

great job March 2, 2007 - Attila
very nice job u did
im 14 so i am just learning and WHER DO U GET THAT NET !! :)
looks so good ... and to scale
cant find the nets anywher
any suggestions

Great work! April 14, 2008 - Steve M
Stunning work on this Pz... beautiful job! I have spent half an hour staring at all the detail put into this one. Hats off, Andreas. You are a gifted modeler.

Great Job! July 26, 2008 - Chuck Rose
A really nice job. The only mistake I see is in the shoulder piping on the figures. Here is the breakdown: Panzer crews-Rose Pink, Artillary-Red, Signal Corp and Recon Units-Golden Yellow, Medical Personnel-Cornflower Blue, Combat Enginers-Black, Panzer Grenaders- Grass Green,Military Police-Orange and Infantry-White and I think SS Units were Silver but not sure. Hope this helps for future references.

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