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Panzer IV Ausf. J Late, Battle of Stoumont

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Panzer IV Ausf. J Late, Battle of Stoumont

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Panzer IV Ausf. J Late, Battle of Stoumont - James Crichton
This is still in the works, I mean I still have to put the Panzer riders on the back, but the tank itself is finished. It is a DML kit built over a three month span. The photo kinda messed up the mesh skirts hanging from the sides... that's not what the kit looks like

Screen armour May 11, 2005 - Steve Frans
Outstanding job on the screen armour panels. I've seem so many in books, but never in a model kid. What did you use to make these, metal screen replacement for doors or is it plastic? Let's talk Steve

screen Schurtzen May 13, 2005 - James Crichton
hey Steve, thanks for looking at my tank. The kit came with the screen and paper templates to cut them out to scale. The rims of the schurtzen are Photo Etched bits that I bought seperately. So all I did was use the templates to cut the mesh into the shapes of the sides and glue the frames to the screens. That's it!

Panzer 4 May 25, 2005 - patrick fauver
I like your Panzer 4. It is very accurate. It is my favorite Deutch Panzer. It is a rare model to find. Most WW2 German Panzer models are Panthers, Tiger 1s and Tiger 2s. Your add-on armor is the clincher for me. What calibre was the main gun? 76mm? I know it had a long range main gun. Crew of 5?

Nice work April 12, 2008 - Steve M
I think it looks great, very realistic. Agreed, nice work with this mesh. I did a IV H, and I know that turret shurzen ain't easy to get right. Camo looks great, too.

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